Donna G.

Finn and Will for plumbing and Mike for heating and air. I had two issues to take care of and they did a perfect job! Even the people in the office are great. Saved my holiday season for sure. Honesty and integrity. No fuss or hassle. No hard sell for things you don’t need. Just a great family-friendly company. I will use them again.

Dina Y.

KC was one of 5 companies I sent out for quote/repair through Yelp – they responded promptly and were truly impressed with the friendly and fun lady who made my appointment. ** Note – other companies required a credit card before making an appointment which I was quickly turned off and passed on them immediately. Not only are they friendly, but they had wonderful reminders (which I am one who desperately needs!!) and are up to date with their technology that made the entire transaction so smooth given my busy self. I wasn’t present when the technician arrived but 1) THEY SHOWED UP ON TIME! 2) They were very professional and friendly towards my daughter, 3) I received a text of the picture, name, and time of arrival of the technician which was a great touch. The work? Problem fixed! GREAT company!!! Thank you

M A.

Brooks was very helpful and the crew from the office to the install team were very professional, clean, and helpful. Great transferable warranty. The system they installed works amazingly. The install team really cares about more than just the installation, they seemed to be very focused on the appearance of the installation as well. Every item from insulation, and air ducts to the thermostat was placed perfectly. I would highly recommend them to friends and family.

Heather C.

First time experienced a kitchen sink blockage. After calling parents, watching YouTube video fixes, and trying Green Goblin…it was time to call the experts. I called KC Homes previously for a quote on a new Water Heater/Furnace (Brooks) and I learned quite a bit so I thought I would give them a call. It was great to chat with Virginia and she was able to set up a quick appointment (same day, a few hours later) and was extremely helpful. Finn and Will were not only amazing with diagnosing the issue but also went above and answering ALL of our questions. My husband and I learned quite a bit about our house and we’re so grateful for their expertise and patience in explaining how it works ^_^ We hope to not need them but are very happy KC Homes is there WHEN we need them!

Robert H.

Michael did a great job fixing both the AC issues I had in the fall and the heater issues I’ve had since the temperature dropped (both are central air units). In addition to fixing everything well in a timely manner, his explanations were very clear and concise, helping me communicate all of the issues effectively to my landlord. I would call them again for any future HVAC issues in a heartbeat. Ask for Michael if you want the same exceptional service I received.

Kathryn B.

I can’t say enough about this wonderful family company and how helpful they have been to us. We needed to replace an old heat pump and they managed to come up with a solution that cost less than another firm’s bid, even though the KC bid included upgrading all the relevant ductwork (which really needed to be done). All of the people who worked on this job were professional, efficient, and dedicated to the task. Virginia in the office is so helpful, and got us, additional helpers, for some plumbing and electrical work that surfaced during the job. They also have an impressive customer information system that emails you the name and picture of the technician coming to the house, so you don’t have to let anyone in that you don’t recognize. We are so grateful to have found this wonderful service provider.

Corinna C.

I have a broken old toilet in my bathroom in my bedroom, once I got the quote to fix it or to replace it I went with replacing it. And then I decided to replace the hall bathroom toilet as well once I saw how much better a new toilet would be. Best decision, it took years off the bathroom, new grout new lines it was so worth it. And once again I have to compliment the staff at KC Home, they are always respectful, clean, and knowledgeable. I feel peace of mind when I call KC Home. I don’t have a pic of my old toilet and you will be thankful I’m not sharing if I did, but look at my new toilet.

Erik D.

I feel obligated to write this review. I contacted them to see if they could help me with an emergency I had on a Saturday night/Sunday morning. They were unable to help me, but they went out of their way to help me find a plumber that could assist me with my issue, and they even followed up with me via a text the next day to make sure I was being cared for. This may not mean a lot to anyone else, but when you are stressed, adrenaline is rushing through your system, it is great to know that there are people and companies that truly understand and respect the human condition. If your work is anything like your customer service, you are an amazing company and anyone should be lucky to have your service. Thank You so much for caring. In the end…we are well.