Indoor air quality is an essential, but often overlooked aspect of home comfort. A room with poor air quality can feel off-putting even if you don’t realize that the air is the problem. In this blog, we’re going to explain the various aspects of indoor air quality and give you some metrics for monitoring it going forward.

How Can We Measure Indoor Air Quality?

If you’ve gone into a room with poor indoor air quality, you can probably tell that it feels stuffy and uncomfortable, especially if you compare it to the fresh air outside. Luckily, there are ways we can pin down exactly why the indoor air quality is so bad.

The main two factors are pollutants and humidity. Both of these factors can be measured. For indoor air pollutants, we can use electronic tests to spot levels of particulate matter in the air for example. Humidity is even easier to measure with a simple hygrometer. However, you often don’t even need to measure to know how to improve indoor air quality. It’s just like you don’t need a scale to lose weight! Next, we’ll explain how you can improve indoor humidity and reduce air pollutants to make the air in your home fresher and more inviting.

A Simple Checklist To Improve IAQ

There are a variety of activities that impact humidity and pollutant level in a positive way. You can improve your indoor air quality by following these simple steps.

  • Clean your home regularly. Carpets and furniture can store dust that later gets kicked up into the air. Don’t forget your floor vents either!
  • Keep consistent humidity. You want to aim for between 25% and 35% humidity if possible. Activities that reduce humidity include running your HVAC units, using a dehumidifier, and running fans to increase ventilation. Activities that increase humidity include cooking, using hot water for a shower, air-drying your clothes after the wash, and adding houseplants to your home.
  • Change your air filter every month and consider an additional air purifier system.

Follow this simple checklist and you’ll be well on your way towards healthier more comfortable air in your home.

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